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Mark Teeple, Executive Overlord

Mark was born and raised in Niagara Falls Ontario. As a young lad he dreamed of being an astronaut. This dream naturally led him to the glorious grounds of Marine Land. He remained there until 2011 when a tragic accident claimed the life of two beluga whales and the use of Mark's left leg. A police investigation is still underway. Now he is with us. Lucky us. Sort of. Maybe. Don't tell the cops he is here.

Chun Yu, The Emperor

Chun was born in Qingdao China. At the age of 5 he got into child labour in order to help finance his families move to Canada. By the tender age of 34 his family raised enough money to be smuggled in a lobster boat to Canada. During their journey their boat hit a Russian submarine. Yada yada yada.... Now he is with GBS. His legal papers are still pending. Don't tell the government he is here.

Kyle Woodley, Supreme Commander

Kyle is a white male that grew up in the suburbs of Toronto. That is basically it. Don't tell Walmart he is here.

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