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Classic Dodgeball

Classic Dodgeball

Remember those big rubber balls you played with in school?

We've have them. Lots of them. And you get to play with them.


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Played on a larger court with rubber balls, Classic dodgeball is a social-focused slower-paced game than Regular Dodgeball (but no less competitive!) Season themes, dress-up nights, competitions, and plenty of social time after games is the order of the day.

Classic Dodgeball is our original and most popular league. Many people join solely as an excuse to "be sociable" on a Monday night. Classic Dodgeball plays more like you see dodgeball played in movies.

  • Mondays 6:30-9:30
  • Rubber balls
  • Teams play 2 x 20 minute games each night
  • 10 playing week season
  • Post game social every week at Woody's

Classic Dodgeball Rules

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